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Art Prize

Holiday Inn Guide to ArtPrize

ArtPrize 10 starts on Wednesday and we have made our guide to ArtPrize 10 to help you make the most of a trip within our city! The public art show runs from Wednesday, September 19th to Sunday, October 7th. ArtPrize Basics ArtPrize Home Page Dates of ArtPrize: Wednesday, September 19th to Sunday, October 7th Location of Visitors Pavilion: Rosa Parks Circle  Visitor’s Pavilion Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Interactive Map: There are 165 participating locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This interactive map allows you to manipulate where you would to go as you walk around the city. Filter options also include venues which have public restrooms. Transportation Around the City: Expect travel delays during ArtPrize. We recommend travelling by foot, as parking will be limited while touring the city. If you would like to ride the free DASH bus service, the map is located below. The closest bus stops to our...
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Ten Years of Art Prize

This Friday we are officially one month away from the start of ArtPrize10! Starting September 19 and ending October 7, hundreds of artists from across the country will showcase their art around town.   More than five hundred thousand dollars of awards are distributed each year. The largest prize totals $200,000, which is awarded twice – once by public vote and second by a jury of art experts. The public can utilize their mobile phone or computer to vote. The pieces will range from two dimensional (2-D), three dimensional (3-D), time based and installations.   Take a peak below at a few of the pieces we hosted in the past. 2011   2012   2014   2015   2016   We are eagerly waiting for ArtPrize10 to begin! Stay tuned to see which artists are collaborating with us this year in upcoming social media posts. -The Holiday Inn Team

Diversity Comes to ArtPrize!

Last, but certainly not least, the Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown would like to introduce you to our final artist for ArtPrize 2017. The artist is…drumroll please… Jerry Berta and his students from Kentwood Public Schools! Jerry and his students are no strangers to ArtPrize and they are back this year with their piece We Are All Different Fish but We All Swim Together. Using ceramics, found materials, and laser cut wood fish from our previously featured artist Corey Carpenter, 500-800 different fish, designed by the students at Kentwood Public Schools, will take the shape of larger fish on a 160ft fence. The project was part of a lesson Mr. Berta taught on diversity and the importance of working together to create a better world though we are all so uniquely different. This piece will be lining our front lawn alongside Pearl Street and will definitely be hard to miss....
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Outdoor ArtPrize Fun!

The Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown is proud to host Corey Carpenter as a first time artist participating in ArtPrize 2017. Corey has done a lot of work with laser cut wood as the owner of Brightmark Studio. His piece, Requiem for a Reef, showcases his incredible talent very well on this mural featuring a coral reef. He will be working in collaboration with another one of our artists to turn our front lawn into a sea of fish. Whether you are driving or walking by, please don’t miss out on this beautiful wood and veneer piece! The competition runs from September 20 – October 8, 2017.

ArtPrize…The Next Generation

One of the coolest things about ArtPrize is that it is a great opportunity to get young people interested in creating something of their own. The students at Kent Career Tech Center used photography, illustration, and graphic design to create their collaborative piece, Object Head Portraits. The piece includes photographs of each student, in their favorite outfit, either taken in their favorite place or photo shopped into an illustrated background of an environment that the artist enjoys. Their faces are covered with photo shopped images of objects that represent them as individuals.  Please come and support these young and talented artists and check out their creative graphic design portraits! The competition runs from September 20 – October 8, 2017.

An ArtPrize Descendant

The Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown is so excited to welcome Jed Freels to his second year as an ArtPrize artist! You may have seen his piece, Life, in front of the Van Andel Arena last year. Continuing with his DNA motif, Jed’s piece this year, entitled Descendants, captures the essence of DNA being passed from generation to generation. This 11ft steel sculpture, depicts a mother holding her new born child, standing on top of a double helix. Reaching up into the strand of DNA are the hands from their descendants who possessed the DNA before them. You certainly will not want to miss this stunning depiction of the complexity and beauty of life. The competition runs from September 20 – October 8, 2017.

ArtPrize Will Soon Be In Bloom

Tying in with the music motif of our first featured artist, Carol Foerch’s Music Blooms are sure to be a wonderful addition to our lobby during ArtPrize 2017. Carol’s piece represents how tone and expression in the language we use is very much like bursts of music. Each flower is created with sheet music and has a beaded center. If you are a lover of music, this is a piece worth stopping in to see! The competition runs from September 20 – October 8, 2017.

ArtPrize lands Ashore!

Remember when we said we wanted to showcase Grand Rapids and the beautiful state of Michigan in our lobby during ArtPrize this year? Meanwhile at the Shore by J.S. Edenburn adds to that motif quite well. Taken on 35mm film, these photographs of Michigan’s beautiful shoreline will make you wish summer wasn’t ending soon. From lighthouses to dune grass, the viewer will experience the true beauty that is Pure Michigan. ArtPrize draws in large crowds from all over the world, many of which, may not have ever experienced the Michigan shoreline. If this piece doesn’t make them want to take a side trip to the lake, we don’t know what will! The competition runs from September 20 – October 8, 2017.

Developing ArtPrize 2017

Many people forget that art isn’t specifically defined as something stationary that we are just meant to look at. ArtPrize has not forgotten this detail and actually includes many time based pieces that depict the performing arts as well. Though Lauren Loria’s piece Dévelopé is only a visual representation of the performing arts, it still captures the beauty and emotion of ballet by freezing the dancers at a specific moment in time. The goal of her piece is to allow viewers to contemplate dance without the constant change that comes with watching a performance. Since dance is an ephemeral art form, important artistic details are often missed so please don’t miss this opportunity to experience dance frozen in time through Lauren’s photographs! The competition runs from September 20 – October 8, 2017.

The Creatures of ArtPrize 2017

As you’ve seen in previous posts, we really do love those artist who look to the Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown to be their home for ArtPrize year after year. We were proud to host Mary Steenwyk in 2015 and are honored to host her again for ArtPrize 2017! Her Questioning Creatures, embody the questions of What? Who? and Why? The young students at Jenison Christian School helped create these whimsical sculptures that represent the hidden hope that lies within these difficult questions. Check them out on the East side of our building this fall! The competition runs from September 20 – October 8, 2017.